Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

Woopss.. don't angry Merlion, ^_^

now, i'm going to show my photo that has been edited by my friend, it's kind of gif animation that part of photoshop editing, he put some text into the photo and make it like i was talking with the merlion statue, i've been tried to edit by my self, i want the water that come from merlion mouth poured down into my mouth, looks like the water still flow, but it can't be possible. becouse the pixel of the picture are very small.
anyway... i really loved it, thank's to prana.

and.. this one also edited by him,

i took this picture when i went holiday to Banten exactly in Swarna Beach, what a beatiful sight, when the sunset .. me and my friend walking around on the beach.. i won't miss to take picture, and,,, i took one of most favorite pic to put in

[sorry, terrible english -_-]

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