Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 it's my choise

I've been really confused to decide what i want to buy, that time when i went to the Lowyat Plaza last week, i was facing on three options between iPad 2, Galaxy Tab or Asus Transformer, browsing in the internet before i go, i've already decide that i want Asus. i saw review video in youtube the Asus transformer is really awesome,.. but... when i trying three of them, the Galaxy also great....!!!! the price of them is almost same, -____-
i thinking,,,, iPad...? Samsung? Asus?
i fell in love with asus, but it's thicker and heavier than Galaxy, -____- i like Galaxy, it's thin and light... why i dont choose iPad? becouse.... [can't explain] , and not supporting Adobe Flash Player... huuhh???, alright... now i have two options.
A.Transformer or Galaxy???

yeeppp Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the winner..... :)

ini pertamakalinya aku beli barang pake uang sendiri... rasanya seneng deh,, ^_^ alhamdulillah..

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